What to Know Before Hiring an Accident Lawyer

Car accident is an overwhelming experience. Just like most accidents, it happens without warning. More often victims get confused by the events. Despite this, you have to seek compensation for the losses incurred during the accident and the injuries that you suffered. You therefore, will need to make a decision on whether to get the services of a car accident attorney or you handle the case by yourself. If you choose to hire a car accident attorney, you need to be aware of tips mentioned below.

Cost of initial consultation

Initial consultations are usually free. This is very crucial to know as it will protect you from financial exploitation by a few greedy attorneys.  You should not hesitate to call a lawyer or pay him a visit on the account of lack of money.  The first meeting will not be charged and you will get a good chance to tell the San Bernandino CA auto accident lawyer about your case. You will also be able to tell a lawyers attitude towards your case.


Most lawyers have specialized in either on or two practice which they do it well. You therefore, need to be on the lookout to settle for the right kind of accident lawyer, with the right experience and a good record of victory in the past cases. This will improve your odds of winning the case. On the other hand, going for a lawyer whose practice cuts across is not good as it will make you vulnerable. A car accident lawyer, who has mastered specific practice, is familiar with the legal process giving you an added advantage over the case.

Don't hurry to file a lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit in most cases is not necessary when dealing with car accident. Most of the car accident cases get solved before they even go to trial. When you get a good car accident lawyer, he or she will be able to present the necessary documentation to an insurance company on your behalf and settle the case without going to court. This is not only faster but also less expensive, as it does not involve lots of legal charges.

Time taken to complete the case

Most cases take a good amount of time before it gets closed. You therefore, should ask the attorney to give you an estimate of the time that your case could possibly take. If the auto accident lawyer in San Bernandino is genuine and good at his work, he will be able to give you a good estimate. Do not listen to promises of fast delivery of service and settlement.